Talent can be used in several different ways and it becomes really exemplary when it is used for someone else’s benefit without any hope of gaining anything in return. A costume designer from Texas decided to use her craftsman skills when she found a butterfly with a broken wing. Romy McCloskey mended the little creature’s broken wings so that it can take flight and fulfill its destiny. The process was shared online and the pictures and videos have become viral and people are exceptionally proud of Romy McCloskey and her heartwarming actions. Romy McCloskey repaired the broken wings of a butterfly and helped it gain flight once agin, the pictures and videos that she shared on her Facebook page shows stunning transformation. Also Read - Costume Designer Bhanu Athaiya, India's First Oscar Winner Dies of Brain Tumour, Know Some Lesser-Known Facts About Her

Romy McCloskey revealed how she started chasing butterflies and she fell into “raising” and “releasing” butterflies “accidentally” after finding 2 or 3 caterpillars on a bush on a Milkweed plant in my yard, this October. She posted on her Facebook page, “I had no idea what to do, other than to keep them in a glass tank and feed them and wait. Little did I know there was much more involved. So, I read up on them, as much as I could, joined a great group and experienced many losses in addition to many, many more successes.” However, a little butterfly presented itself with “a torn and damaged set of wings”. Orphaned Monkey Gets Stuffed Teddy Bear to Replace Its Mother, Photos Will Make You Teary-Eyed Also Read - Dog Showing Impatience at Owner by Pressing Car Horn is Too Hilarious to Miss

Check out Romy McCloskey’s Facebook posts below.

The explanation, dedication and the achievement

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The Operating room and the equipments

The miraculous recovery

Look at him fly

Romy McCloskey really did something incredible with her infinite patience and skill and proved yet again that humans are capable of being gentle and compassionate creatures and we have the ability to look after other species and nature. Hats off to Romy McCloskey for helping a small creature gain a new lease of life.