In an attempt to shun “baseless assumptions” against them, the members of Tablighi Jamaat were seen coming forward in the first week of Ramadan and donating blood plasma to be experimented in treating those severely affected with COVID-19. In convalescent plasma therapy, doctors use the blood plasma of a healthy person to transfer their immunity against a particular disease to a critically-ill patient. In the case of coronavirus, doctors will use the blood plasma of a recovered patient and transfer it to extremely sick patients. Also Read - Mumbai to Open Drive-in Vaccination Centres in Several Areas. Check List

While several donated their plasma in Tamil Nadu earlier this week, many others in different states have registered to do the same. While the state government will procure signed copies of their consent before proceeding, a donor from Jharkhand, Hashmuddin Ansari, told The Quint, “Islam and our Prophet Mohammad teach us that the sole objective of our lives is to help humanity. Its just our blood, but we are also ready to give our lives for our country, our brothers and fellow citizens. We will always be ready for whatever help we are able to give. We are ready for that now also.” Also Read - CM Yogi Issues Fresh Instructions, Tasks Team-9 To Ensure All-Round Effort To Tackle Covid 2.0

Another donor, Tabrez Khan from Delhi shared, “I was really happy to donate plasma and help my nation.” Eager to donate for another round of sample collection, Tabrez told Outlook, “On learning that I can donate plasma, my wife and my friend Shahid went to ILBS donate blood plasma. But my wife and Shahid were declared unfit for donation and I donated. The doctor said that five Corona patients would benefit from my donation. My 65-year-old mother had also tested positive and she has also recovered. Now, she is insisting that she too would donate blood plasma. And for myself I can say that I can offer all parts of my body, if required, to test any vaccines being developed. The beauty of India is that people following all religions live together. And the spread of Coronavirus should not be linked to a particular community. The doctor also told me that two patients of another community have benefitted from my blood plasma. There have been all kinds of [communal] rumours doing the rounds; we should ignore these.” Also Read - Covid-19: CSK Star Suresh Raina Urges For Oxygen, Bollywood Actor Sonu Sood Responds With Help

Speaking to various news agencies, the Tablighi Jamaat members shared that apart from their wish to help, the main reason for the donation is to counter “baseless accusations” being hurled against them following the religious gathering of the Islamic sect which took place last month in New Delhi.