Agartala: With seemingly no end to the Covid-19 crisis, our doctors and frontline staff are sacrificing it all to serve the nation, however, they too need assistance to protect themselves from the deadly virus. Also Read - Airlens Minus Corona: Stanford, IIT Alumni Develop 'Intelligent Robot' for Chemical-Free Disinfection of Public Places

Considering the same, a teacher at Tripura University has made a robot, in a bid to prevent doctors and other medical staff from getting infected. He named it ‘Covid-19 WARBOT’.

Made from locally available and scrap materials, the robot is designed to take care of the coronavirus patients from a distant place. The remote-controlled robot can carry 10-15 kilograms of materials, has an operational range of 15-20 metres, and can deliver food, medicines and other essential items to the COVID-19 patients.

The robot, regulated by a transmitter and a receiver, can work for around 90 minutes after the lead acid rechargeable battery is given five hour’s charge.

“I have just spent Rs 25,000 and took a week’s time to make the robot. Due to the ongoing lockdown, I could not collect the latest and modern devices and tools from outside Tripura, hence I have to depend on the local and scrap materials. I used the vital receiver of the robot from an old toy of the son of my relative,” scientist Harjeet Nath.

He further said that the robot can be of enormous help to the doctors, nurses and other health workers to deal with the patients of the highly contagious Covid-19.

Notably, 32-year-old Nath, who is an assistant professor of the Chemical and Polymer Engineering Department of the Tripura University, is also a recipient of the prestigious young scientist award in 2018.