Bhopal: At a time when people are safely locked inside their homes, it is doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals who work excruciatingly long hours to provide the best care to their patients, while exposing themselves to the risk of getting the infection. Also Read - Miss England Bhasha Mukherjee Returns to Work as Doctor in UK Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Concerned about the same, a young doctor, who is posted at JP Hospital in Bhopal, has turned his car into a temporary home as he is treating COVID-19 patients and staying away from his family in order to protect them. Also Read - Doctors in Pakistan Beaten, Arrested for Demanding Protective Gear to Fight Coronavirus

Talking about this sacrifice, Dr Sachin Nayak said that he has been staying in the car for the past seven days to protect his family from coronavirus.

“We are treating patients here. We may carry the virus while going to our home. To save my family from the coronavirus, I decided to isolate myself here in the car. I have spent seven days in it. I am staying and sleeping in the car for the past seven days and it has been four days since I went to my home. I will go to my home in one or two days,” Nayak told ANI.

Sachin also said that nobody was prepared to deal with this coronavirus global pandemic, however, he feels that the situation is improving now and authorities are doing their best to deal with the crisis.

His story of sacrifice and determination caught the eye of Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who saluted him and wrote on Twitter, ”I and the entire Madhya Pradesh greet warriors like you fighting the war against #COVID19. If we all continue with this resolve, then we will be able to win this great war more quickly”.

Meanwhile, the administration is trying to provide accommodation to doctors in hotels and Dr Sachin will move into a room soon.