Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, there have been many instructions about how one can stay safe and not get infected by following simple rules. People were advised to wash their hands a number of times with warm water and soap and to scrub them thoroughly, and to use a sanitiser when it was not possible. Along with that, they were instructed not to cough or sneeze without covering their mouths and were encouraged to wear masks for the same purpose and so that they do not breathe in infected air. Also Read - Shashi Tharoor is Gearing up For Onam Celebrations And Malayali Face Mask is Part of Outfit

However, the instructions seems to have been lost on a woman in the US, who was moving around in public with a face mask on that would not have helped her under any circumstances. Why it would not have helped her? Because the lady had cut a huge hole in the middle of the mask to help her breathe.

A clip of the whole incident was shared by store clerk Joe Samman on video sharing platform TikTok, and it has been going viral on several other social media platforms. In the video, the woman was seen entering the food mart outside Lexington, Kentucky to pay for gas, and as he greeted her he asked her where she got the mask from.

The lady replied that since they have to wear masks and it is difficult to breathe, she decided to cut a hole and make it easier to breathe.

The video, which Joe captioned as “Check this mask out”, has garnered a good number of views, and has been shared over 156k times. Watch it for yourself.

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At a time when the world has seen 3,160,385 infected cases and 219,229 deaths, such people exist to make things difficult by either falling ill themselves or infecting others.