New Delhi: Forget your favourite influencers on Instagram and meet B, the world’s first insect influencer that’s creating a whole lot of buzz..quite literally! However, unlike other influencers, B is on a important mission of saving the bee species.Also Read - Researchers Find Honey Bees' Ventilation Strategy Behind Staying Cool in Congested Hives Despite Hot Summers

The social media star first appeared in April on Instagram with the dream of becoming the most followed influencer and turning followers into money to help save bees from extinction. And now,  B is gaining a lot of momentum on Instagram, and has amassed over 225,000 followers. Also Read - Bees can count with just four brain cells: Study

@bee_nfluencer’s aim is to have companies pay money to have their products featured on the account, with all funds raised going towards protection of all species of bees. Also Read - Common herbicide may be killing honeybees: Study

Just like other influencers, B travels to exotic places, takes carefully posed selfies of her chilling and posts enviable pictures giving us major travel goals.

However, along with that, she also demands our attention to the requirements for the survival of its community.

The page, which has become the talk of the town, is the mastermind of Fondation de France, a bee funding organisation, which commits itself to the urgent protection of all species of bees.

According to the organisation, “Bees are essential for maintaining the balance of ecosystems and our agriculture. They have an essential mission: pollination that allows plants to reproduce. In France, more than 30% of bee colonies disappear each year. Protecting the bee is also protecting the human.”

The foundation says all the money raised by B will be donated to the BEEFUND to help with conservation efforts to protect the species.

Bees are the most important living thing on Earth, due to 70% of the world’s agriculture depending on them. Follow the page to lend your support, because the more followers the account has, the more successful it will be in saving the flying insects.