New Delhi: One of the little-known islands of the United Kingdom which is dubbed as the Deadman’s Island has been found littered with ancient human remains and coffins all over the place. Over 200 years ago, the island was used to bury the remains of convicts who died aboard prison ships. Also Read - Meet this 21-year-old Female Auto Driver from J&K Breaking all Barriers to Help her Father Earn a Living

The island is famously known for having a controversial history, and hundreds of years ago when convicts being transported to penal colonies died in crammed ships or the ‘prison hulks’, they were buried in unmarked graves out of the way so that infectious diseases, wouldn’t spread and cause an epidemic. Also Read - Talking Elephant? This Jumbo's Conversation with its Mahout will Definitely Make Your Day | Watch

But the question is how are the remains still visible on Deadman’s island after so hundreds of years? Well, as per a report, the remains erupted due to coastal erosion and shift in tides. At present, the island is owned by Natural England and not open to visitors. Also Read - Gorakhpur Police Gets Trolled by Netizens for Photoshopping Facemasks on Constable and Murder Accused

However, the island is seen as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and has been recognised to be of international importance under the Ramsar convention.

As per reports, this Deadman’s Island isn’t the only island that has made into international headlines, but the island of Elliðaey which is completely deserted and was inhabited by five families about 300 years ago and known as the ‘world’s loneliest home’ is also making headlines these days as netizens said it was the perfect place to live amid the coronavirus pandemic.