Amid a war of words between Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut and Shiv Sena’s Sanjay Raut, the actress has been granted Y category security by the Union ministry of home affairs (MHA), ahead of her visit to Mumbai.Also Read - Kangana Ranaut Gets Y+ Category: What Are X, Y and Z Security in India? | All You Need to Know

Notably, she is the first Bollywood actor who will be guarded by CRPF commandos.

However, the move has met with criticism as fans, politicians and celebrities alike have called it a ‘criminal waste of taxpayers’ money. Many fumed at the fact that the government used the taxpayer’s money to provide security to a movie star based on a few controversial tweets. They lamented that the money should instead have been used for more crucial matters.

Raising questions over MHA’s decision, Mahua Moitra wrote, ”Why are Bollywood Twitterati getting Y+ security when India has police to population ratio of 138 per lakh & ranks 5th lowest globally among 71 countries? No better use of resources, Mister Home Minister?

Here are other reactions:

Amid the ongoing backlash, a Twitter user said that instead of Kangana, Swara Bhasker should have gotten such security given that she regularly receives the vilest and most vulgar threats. However, the actress responded that she would rather want taxpayers’ money to be used for real issues.

“Thank uuuuu Nazma but no.. I’d rather that taxpayers money be used for real issues. like development.. or malnutrition,” Swara tweeted.

In India, security is provided to high-risk individuals by the police and local government depending on the threat perception to the person.