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Nothing compares to the cuteness of babies, but animal babies are way to cuddlier. Here is a one such video of animal babies trying to have fun their own way. Every animal has its own way of showing affection and when animals of two different breed come along see what they do. This adorable video is of a baby goat that reacts happily when she is introduced to puppies. Also Read - Chai Pi Lo Friends: Meet Somvati Mahawar Who is the Latest Viral Sensation, Watch Videos

Pipsqueak is a baby goat and spends some time with puppies. The only way she knows to show her affection is by headbutting. See the cute reactions the puppies give at her expression of love which is totally strange to them. Also Read - International Women's Day 2018: FilterCopy Releases Hard-Hitting Video About Women and Gender Stereotypes on YouTube

The video starts with a bunch of endearing puppies helplessly moving around in a room, when they are introduced to a new visitor Pipsqueak by their parents. Pipsqueak immediately gets delighted looking at the pups lazing around and beings to say hello to them. Head-butting is a friendly expression for goats and being from that clan, Pipsqueak uses the same method to get friendly with the pups.

However, after few attempts she realise that it is inappropriate to head-butt with pups as they are too young and are easily pushed off. Eventually, Pipsqueak decides to entertain them with a new technique and goes jumping around the room. However, the adorable pooches distant themselves and look little worried and uneasy around the crazy goat.

This heart-warming and funny video will bring an instant smile on your face. So brighten up your day and share the video with your friends!

Watch the video of cute Pipsqueak playing with cute puppies here.