Love is love, it has no boundaries! Indian desi boys continue to attract foreign women on social media. The recent case is of Malkit Singh, a Punjabi boy from Gurdaspur who is a hardcore heroin addict. He got in love with Natasha Natalie Sommer, a Danish woman who is a self-confessed chat addict. They both married each other without letting any barrier come in between. Also Read - Court awards life term to five for gangraping Danish woman

Natasha Natalie Sommer is from a well-off Copenhagen family. They started chatting from January 1 and Malkrit, who hails from Sundal village of Gurdaspur candidly, admitted to Natasha that he had been into drugs for the last several months. The reason behind taking drugs was his mother’s constant taunts for being unemployed and he couldn’t take it. Also Read - Danish woman gangrape: Court to hear final arguments on January 4

According to The Tribune, Malkrit said, “I took refuge in heroin. I confessed to Natasha that I had no job, was a junkie and was at the point of no-return.”

Dane was quite impressed with his honesty and sincerity and took a flight straight to New Delhi where she met Malkit who then brought her to his village in Punjab. Natasha said, “My parents allowed me to fly to India and ever since have stood by me like a rock.

Malkrit and Natasha married each other on January 23 in Punjab as per the Sikh rituals. Then, Natasha took Malkit to Serbia to get him successfully treated for addiction.

Malkit Singh is now away from drugs and the couple is all set to start a new life in Denmark.