A goat that was sent to a Russian safari park, was supposed to be dinner for a Siberian tiger. But look what happened instead, the prey has befriended the tiger. Both the goat and Siberian tiger have become inseparable. The big cat named Amur and the goat named Timur share the same enclosure, sleep in the same place and play together. The unusual friendship has amused many people in Primorsky safari park in the city of Vladivostok. Also Read - Rare Photo of a Siberian Tigress Hugging a Tree Wins The Wildlife Photography Award 2020

You will be surprised to see them eat and play together in the snow in this video. They are inseparable, they play together and never get violent with each other, in fact they can be seen playfully head-butting each other for fun. The administration at Primorsky safari park in the city of Vladivostok say the Siberian tiger, has been given live animals to hunt and eat twice a week. But for over a span of three years, the tiger did not touch the goat when it entered the enclosure because the goat did not show any fear.This is not the first time Also Read - How Bizarre! Dog Bites Goat, Leads to Violent Clash Between 2 Brothers in UP Village

This is not the first time such an unusual friendship has come to light, earlier in another nature reserve it was seen that  not only Siberian tigers but also their cubs were seen bonding big time with German shepherds. (ALSO READ: Aww! The bond between German shepherds & endangered Siberian tigers will give you new friendship goals) Also Read - Bizarre! Goat 'Arrested' by Kanpur Police For Not Wearing Mask In UP's Beconganj