Saharanpur: On the occasion of Father’s Day this year, a daughter gave her dad the ultimate gift-a plot of land on the moon! Yes, according to a Zee News Hindi.Com report, Saharanpur resident Pooja Gupta gifted 1-acre land on the moon to her father, Vivek Gupta.Also Read - Father's Day 2020: Google Goes Old School Under Lockdown, Offers Craft Supplements to Doodle Digital Card For Daddy Dearest

And of course, he is over the moon after receiving such a unique gift! Saying that he will always remember this moment, Vivek Gupta told reporters that he cannot express this happiness in words. He said that he is proud of his daughter because she has given such a great gift.

Talking about the gift, Pooja, who works at a USA ad agency said that she wanted to gift something different to her father on Father’s Day.

She said, ”I am very fond of science. I found out that land can also be purchased on the moon. So I  gifted my father by buying one acre of land from the International Lunar Land Registry. ”

However, she has not disclosed the price of the land. Se said that she does not want to reveal the price of the land because there is no cost for this gift and it’s priceless.

”I am very happy that I gave my father a gift that will always be memorable,” she said.

Pooja also said that parents should not discriminate amongst their children as girls can also do what boys can.

Notably, before her many Indians including actor Shah Rukh Khan and late actor Sushant Rajput have also bought land on the moon.