In the Nimbara village of Bhilwara district in Rajasthan, a bizarre incident happened in the Revenue Public Court on Thursday. People present at the court session were shocked at the announcement ‘Mritak Banshilal Hazir Ho (Deceased Banshilal to be present)’. At the third announcement, the dead Banshilal showed up. Also Read - Three Dead, Six Injured as Bus Catches Fire After Touching High-tension Wire in Jaipur

Balidevi Rao of Salamamala in the camp filed an application before SDM Dinesh Kumar Thakar. The application read, “Sir my husband Banshilal Rao is alive and I am happy. In the jurisdiction, my husband has been dead for 20 years and I have been pronounced a widow. Give me the status to be happy by rescuing my husband in the jurisdiction.” Then SDM Thakar sought proof. The woman said We have come together.’ Then the voice was raised … Banshilal appeared. Banshilal presented himself with all necessary documents. Also Read - Bizarre! Bodybuilder Marries His Sex Doll in a Creepy Ceremony, Says 'She's a Tender Soul Inside' | Watch

The testimony of the other people in the village was also taken. The SDM gave instructions to Tehsildar to register his life in the records, while accepting Banshilal alive. In the record, Balidevi P. Banshi Lal Rao was noted. A copy of the bail bond was handed to the husband-wife. Also Read - Bizarre! 100-Year-Old Chinese Man Says a Lifetime of Smoking & Boozing is The Secret to His Long Life

Chhotulal, who came to the camp, said, “My father passed away 25 years ago. I was small so my mother got my name registered as Pappu in the records. At that time, all the people called me Pappu as my nickname. Whereas my name is not Pappu but Chhotulal”. The Subdivision Officer recorded Chhotulal’s name instead of Pappu in the record.