New Delhi, August 11: The number of deaths from road accidents is increasing everyday in India’s metropolitan cities. However, more than what happens during the accident, what is important is how people around the victim behave. Most often, there is an apathy observed towards the victim of the accident, which can only be termed as cruel and inhuman. Nothing illustrates this better than the incident that took place in Subhash Nagar in West Delhi on Wednesday. A  40-year-old man lay, bleeding and ignored, by the side of the road for hours, after being hit by a tempo. Then some one took notice, only to rob him of his possessions. Also Read - Amid COVID Spike, Delhi's Kalkaji Temple Makes E-passes Mandatory For Devotees During Navratri. Read Details

The incident, which makes us question whether we have any humanity left at all, took place in the national capital and this makes it so much more worse. The chilling incident was captured on a CCTV camera. The video shows Matibool, an e-rickshaw driver, being hit by a speeding tempo. Matibool is flung to one side of the road, while the tempo stops and the driver gets out, only to inspect if his own vehicle was alright, gets in again and drives away. The callousness of the driver is chilling and his utter disregard for the life of the man who he just hit, will make you cringe with disgust. ALSO READ: Caught on Camera: CCTV captures horrific road accident in Ahmedabad, victim miraculously alive! (Watch video) Also Read - Demand For Oxygen Supply Goes up Amid COVID Surge in Delhi, Govt Says Ramping Up Medical Infrastructure

But the inhuman behaviour of the driver is eclipsed by that of the passers by, who just go about their business, without offering to help the dying man. A man is seen approaching the victim, later in the video, but only to collect the scattered belongings of the former and walks away with them. A team of police men arrived at around 7 am, getting medical aid for the man. But by then Matibool had died due to excessive bleeding. The police are looking for two men- the tempo driver and the man who stole Matibool’s mobile phone. Also Read - Delhi: Doctor Held For Procuring Loans by Forging Wife's Signature, Documents

The video is being inspected by the police, with Deependra Pathak, Joint CP telling ANI, “We are examining CCTV footage, all efforts to identify the culprits are on.” Matibool was a native of Bengal. He drove e-rickshaws by the day and was on night guard duty by night. The video chills you to the core, as it makes you think about how much the levels of empathy have dropped in big cities and urban areas. Have materialism and self-centred nature completely over our psyches? It is perhaps time to reflect.