The world is lead by the examples of good samaritans and Postman D Sivan is exactly that for crossing tunnels and railway bridges, wild animals no bar, while delivering letters for 30 years in the inaccessible areas of Coonoor. Giving netizens a glimpse of his hardwork, IAS officer Supriya Sahu tweeted a picture of him after he retired last week. Also Read - 29-Year-Old Kritika Pandey Wins 2020 Commonwealth Short Story Prize, Says 'The Award is so Reassuring'

Seen walking on the NMR track near Marapallam, on way to deliver letters, Sivan can be seen donning a red shirt and a pair of brown pants with a bag strapped across his shoulders. Carrying mail or pension to plantation workers, Sivan reportedly walked 15 kms daily along the Nilgiri Mountain Railway track, trekking from the Hillgrove Post Office near Coonoor and across the forests on the Singara Estate, near Buriliyar.

His walking stretch also included Marapallam in the midst of disused tea and pepper estates. Supriya tweeted, “Postman D. Sivan walked 15 kms everyday through thick forests to deliver mail in inaccessible areas in Coonoor. Chased by wild elephants,bears, gaurs,crossing slippery streams&waterfalls he did his duty with utmost dedication for 30 years till he retired last week.”

Check out Twitter’s reaction on the news here:

Kudos, Mr Sivan!