Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee apologised for a post that he made about ‘overdressed woman’ on Instagram. One of the most popular designers in the country, Sabyasachi found himself in the mid of a controversy when he made a post about how there is likely more to a woman who wears makeup than just a wish of looking more appealing. The designer shared a post that said, “If you see a woman overdressed, caked with make-up, armoured with jewellery, it is most likely that she is wounded”. Now, the idea that the designer implied with his post did not go down well with netizens. Some called it “ridiculous” and others questioned who was handling his social media accounts. Also Read - Viral Video: Frogs Married in Tripura To Please Rain God | Watch

After realising that his thoughts might have not come across well and in fact, landed in pissing off people, Sabyasachi issued an apology. He said, “I thought a lot about whether to post this, but sometimes it is important to set the record straight and get the right message across. Having been in the fashion industry for over 20 years, I have encountered it firsthand and commented about it in many of my interviews – how, while many women use fashion and beauty for joy and self-expression, others use it as ‘retail therapy’ to fill in the gaps and voids in their lives.” Also Read - BCCI President Sourav Ganguly Breaks Silence on IPL 2021 Suspension - 'Difficult to Say How COVID-19 Entered Bio-Bubble'

He also pointed out that we, as a society, often get extremely judgemental about peoples’ clothing choices, calling them ‘overdressed’ or ‘tacky’ or ‘inappropriate’. Also Read - Haryana Lockdown: How to Get e-Pass For Traffic Movement Within State? Check Details Here

“We fail to understand that maybe some are using these as coping mechanisms to put on a brave front to make up for the lack of a support system,” he wrote.

The true essence of the post, he said, was to ask people to be aware, empathetic and not judgemental of peoples’ personal clothing choices, which could be a manifestation of their internal anguish.

“One of the bigger issues in society today, that very few people address, is mental health, and a little bit of awareness, empathy and kindness go a long way in acknowledging it,” wrote Sabyasachi.

Talking about his personal life, he shared: “I have coped with crippling depression as a teenager for seven years. I found my coping mechanism through radical clothing choices. I was sneered at and bullied, but it helped me find my way again.”

“When I was creating this jewellery collection, I referred to (Rabindranath) Tagore’s ‘Monihara’ because it talks about these issues, which are sadly more relevant today. And I, for one, have never shied away from speaking about uncomfortable truths, no matter how disruptive it might be for my personal gain.

“Because when power is given, social responsibility should not be shunned. The mistake, however, was to use the reference as a blanket statement, as sometimes when we are passionate about an issue, we end up becoming overzealous and hence, tone-deaf.

“My sincere apologies for that.”

“The original post (however flawed) was put up to invite introspection and debate about how love, sensitivity and compassion, alongside expressions of art, beauty and fashion can create a net positive in the world. I invite everyone to democratically join this debate,” he concluded.

(With inputs from IANS)