The last thing you expect from a celebrity, politician, or any person of power is to stoop so low as to disregard the dignity of the dead yet BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra crossed that line with his nasty tweet, taking a vile jibe on the picture of dead Kashmiri citizen. The picture features a 3-year-old heartbreakingly weeping over the corpse of his grandfather who was reportedly killed in cross-firing at Sopore on Wednesday.Also Read - Twitter Left in Jitters as Heartwrenching Video of Kashmiri Kid Crying Over His Dead Grandfather After Sopore Terror Attack Goes Viral

The family of the deceased however claimed that the old man was brought out of his car and shot at gunpoint. While the debate rages on, the picture broke the Internet and left the netizens shattered.

As many called out the unknown photographer for capturing the child’s vulnerable moments and putting it out on display, Patra’s insensitive tweet shocked many and even earned him a lashing from Bollywood celebrities who stood clearly against hatred.

Not only did Patra share uncensored images of the deceased but also mocked the Pulitzer Award that three Kashmiri journalists had recently won. Mocking the picture of the child crying over the corpse of his dead grandfather, Patra tweeted, “PULITZER LOVERS ?? (sic)”.

Lashing out, Dia wrote, “Do you not have an iota of empathy left in you?? (sic)”, to which Patra replied, “Madam …this is the time when You should hold a placard close to your heart reading “I am ashamed because of Pak sponsored Jihad in Kashmir” But you all are selective .. You’ll never do that .. (sic)”.

When Vishal Dadlani called him out tweeting, “This vile disgrace of a human being is a “doctor”? Apni ghinoni soch ki sachchaii dikhaadi aapne, Patra-ji (sic)”, the BJP spokesperson’s communal reply came, “विसाल जी सच्चाई बोलने पर आप को मेरी सोच घिनौनी लगती है काश इतनी ही घिनोनी आपको “जिहाद” भी लगता … (Mr Vishal you are disgusted by me for speaking the truth, I wish you considered “Jihad” as much disgusting).” Sic

Even to Hansal Mehta’s tweet, “This man who is supposed to be a spokesperson for the ruling party but is nothing but a troll and chronic abuser must be reported (sic)”, Patra’s whataboutery reply was, “Mr Mehta, Your ilk posts somber pic of the drowned Syrian Boy ..and of brutal chocking of George Floyd &you question PM Modi on alleged atrocities in India If I post a pic of an Indian grandfather-grandson who are victims of terrorism & question the Pulitzer gang I am an Abuser?? (sic)”

Later, Patra unapologetically played the emotional card as he sought refuge in Rishi Kapoor’s friendship. He tweeted, “I have taken on the Diyas & the Dadlanis today ..but in the same Bollywood I miss my friend  @chintskap ..had he been around He would have stood with me ..He always had …wherever you are RISHI my to you ..Miss you ..I know tonight you would surely have called me!! (sic)” though few were convinced.

At what age did we lose our compassion?