The outbreak of coronavirus has led to various myths and prophecies being circulated widely over social media, WhatsApp and other platforms. The latest one suggests that the Stephen King novel titled The Stand cited an incident which is similar to the outbreak of coronavirus. As suggested by some, the popular author had written about a ‘strain of influenza’ in his book which is what looks like Covid-19 today. Also Read - Delhi Rains: Downpour, Thunderstorms to Continue Till Saturday; Will Change in Temperature Impact Coronavirus Spread?

King’s famous novel which was an epic horror-fantasy, has once again found people’s attention because of the description of a kind of virus that gets accidentally released in society causing death and chaos. As mentioned in the book, the strain of influenza which is essentially modified for biological warfare becomes an apocalyptic pandemic and kills most of the word’s population. The readers have claimed that this incident is strikingly similar to what is happening to the world population currently. Also Read - Coronavirus: Morning Assemblies in Delhi Govt Schools Stopped to Contain Situation, Anganwadis to Remain Closed | Highlights

Many are of the belief that this hypothetical super-flu mentioned in the 1978 book by King is nothing but coronavirus. Also Read - Coronavirus: India-EU Summit Rescheduled, Schools Closed Till March 31, Cases Rise to 30 | Top 10 Points

Earlier, a picture of the page from the book titled End of Days went viral on social media suggesting a ‘pneumonia-like illness’ taking over the world population in the year 2020. However, the picture was not deemed authentic. Other books which have become part of discussions due to the mention of a virus, flu or deadly plague in their stories include Robin Cook’s Outbreak, St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven, Max Brooks’ World War Z and Michael Crichton’s The Andromeda Strain.