Dirty Dancing: Watch Poonam Pandey cheer for FIFA World Cup 2014 with her raunchy video! Also Read - Poonam Pandey's Instagram Account Hacked, Says 'I Hope Miscreant Doesn't Misuse It'

Poonam Pandey is back in business with best! In a yet another gimmick, she is trying to lure all her fans in the name of FIFA World Cup 2014. The Bollywood actress is trying hard to grab some eyeballs by yet another sleazy tactic and labels it as her ‘Good work’! She has now come up with a special video for the ongoing pompous FIFA fever. Also Read - Case Registered Against Milind Soman For Running Nude on Goa Beach, Sharing Obscene Pic on Social Media

Yes, the very sultry Poonam Pandey has made up a video of her dancing in a slinky black bikini top and sarong to cheer for FIFA World Cup 2014! She is seen gyrating in a suggestive way and cheering to soar up the temperature and hog some limelight! Also Read - Poonam Pandey And Sam Bombay Granted Bail For Bond of Rs 40,000 in The Obscene Video Case

Poonam is known for her unusual ways to attract men and her sleazy and desperate measures to stay in the news are not new. Right from her decision to strip if India won the cricket World Cup, to her semi-nude pictures, pictures of her derriere and coming up with her own version of actor Ranveer Singh’s condom commercial Do The Rex , Poonam has tried and tested all methods of gaining popularity.

Check out Poonam Pandey’s raunchy video below for the FIFA World Cup 2014!