During the time when most of the world is quarantined due to on-going pandemic Coronavirus, Twitter users have come up with a new theory that Disney’s popular film ‘Tangled’ predicted the COVID-19 pandemic and the current need to social-distancing and self-quarantine. In the film, Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) isolated and holed up in a town just like a classic fairy tale, kidnapped from a kingdom named Corona and was locked away in the tower for 18 years. Also Read - Coronavirus Outbreak: All Patients in Hospitals to be Checked From Now on

Now, Twitterati are going crazy thinking that Rapunzel was quarantined for 18 years and the kingdom where she was born is called ‘Corona’. Also Read - Karishma Tanna Gives Tips to Fans on How to Spend Coronavirus Quarantine Time at Home

One Twitter user tweeted, “When you realized Rapunzel was quarantined for 16 years and the fictional kingdom where she was born is called “Corona”. BITCHH WE LIVING IN A TANGLED WORLD.” Also Read - PM Narendra Modi Cites Example of Natwest Trophy Final Partnership of Yuvraj Singh-Mohammad Kaif to Fight Coronavirus

Another user tweeted, “Rapunzel from tangled had been in quarantine for 18 years in a place called corona.”

Check out the tweets here:

On a related note, India has witnessed total 298 cases of coronavirus so far. 22 people have recovered from the disease while four people died. Earlier today Delhi Chief Minister appealed everyone to discontinue morning walk and asked to stay home. He also mentioned that if necessary, he will announce a lockdown for betterment and safety.

PM Narendra Modi has requested to take precautions and not panic. He further asked to avoid unnecessary travels.