A man distressed at the death of his pregnant teen wife committed suicide on Monday by jumping into a well moments after he was pulled out of her burning pyre by those attending the funeral, police in Chandrapur in Maharashtra said.Also Read - 'Not Even Death Could Stop Him': Late Husband Plans Anniversary Surprise For Wife Before Dying, Emails Instructions to Daughter

The incident happened in Bhangaram-Talodhi village, some 60 kilometers from the district headquarters, said a Gondpipri police station official.

“Kishor Khatik married 19-year-old Ruchita on March 19. She had gone out to answer nature’s call on Sunday evening and her body was later found floating in a well. While she was being cremated on Monday, he jumped into the pyre but was rescued by those present,” Inspector Sandeep Dhobe said.

“He sustained burn injuries. However, moments later, he jumped into a well located near the crematorium. He was rushed to a hospital where doctors declared him dead on arrival,” he added.