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Diwali celebrations are on, but if you are still scratching you head to figure an ideal gift for your brother this bhai dooj, you must read on! Till now if you all have not purchased one of the unique gifts for your siblings, here’s a chance to gift the special sumone the most adorable gift and cherish the childhood moments. Here, we have listed top 5 lists of gifts you can offer to your brothers. Also Read - You Can Buy Digital Gold at Re 1 During Diwali, Dhanteras: 5 Things to Know Before Purchase

Bhai Dooj or Bhau Beej marks the end of Diwali festival with a bang. Bhai Dooj falls in the month of Kartika according to Hindu calendar. This day signifies one of the strongest bonds between the siblings which are nurtured for the entire life. The relationship shared amongst them is one of the purest forms of love. After, Raksha Bandhan Bhai Dooj is the important festival which is celebrated with traditional rituals. Also Read - Nitish Kumar Makes Covid Test Mandatory for Those Traveling To Bihar from Other States During Diwali, Chhath

This is the day, when sisters welcome their brothers at their place and put tilak on their forehead. The tilak signifies happiness, well-being and prosperity. Once the ceremony gets over, brothers gift their sisters with sweets, chocolates or fanciful presents.  Happy Bhai Dooj to all the brothers and sisters out there and we inist that you must check out our exciting gift options.

1. Cool Rockstar of your family


If you are the elder sister at home, you must make your rock star brother little more responsible by gifting him wallet. Wallet can be very beneficial for him and make him keep his important cards, bills, photographs and money in one place.

Electronic Gadgets

Any gadget which fulfils his wish and desire can be an amazing gift for him. Gadgets are the best application and can manage multiple tasks. What can be better than the latest in technology?


Best category of gift for the music lover. Headphones or over headphones are a pair of small loudspeakers which helps in earring the sound with the best quality.

2. Annoying one

Personalized Award 

Gift him the award of fame along with a small handwritten note. This award of best brother will surely help him be the best brother ever!

USB or Pen drive 

The storage device will help him to store unlimited personal data and rewrite the same information as and when needed.

Pocket Projector 

This pocket projector easily fits into a small pocket and projects 5 images at a time. This equipment will make his work a bit easier.

3. Handsome Hunk


One of the best gifts if at all he fits into this category, which helps him to attract divas by the pleasant fragrance of scent. Choosing the perfect perfume for him can be a tough task, but the perfume has to suit his personality. One needs to know his brothers taste in terms of fragrance and give him the best.


This can add an edge to his killer look. A wristwatch can be grabbed in medium range of price at any shop which will make your handsome brother be punctual. Even this option can make him look cool.

Aviator Sunglasses 

This will definitely help your brother save himself from sunlight and developing those crow-feet around his eyes. Aviator Sunglasses comes in various ranges and colours which is best suited during harsh sunlight.

4. Over protective brother

Wenger Knife 

Swiss Army Knife is one of the traditional products which can be easily kept into pockets. This set of knife has variety of other equipments which includes can opener. Swiss Army Knife is very famous amongst each and every person and is best for personal safety as well.


Hahahaha! This can really be a superb gift for him and he can kill his enemies in his sub conscious mind itself. Throwing darts at his enemy picture, on the wall, to distress in a fun way.

Drinking Bottles 

After relieving stress and bursting his anger, he needs a cool beverage which helps him to settle down. Sisters can gift their brothers either disposable of reusable bottles whichever they think is the best.

5. Intellectual – Book Worm

Books or Novels 

A set of books or novels from his favorite authorwill surely make his day. Even if you have no idea about his taste, choosing gift for a smarty brother is never a difficult option.



A collection of words, sarcasm, arranged in a proper alphabetical order is very useful according to his usage. Dictionary will not only contain varies data but will also fulfill and enhance his reading skills.

Personal Diary 

A book to record his each and every minute detail and can be kept over a period of time. His own personal diary in which he can jot down his schedules, to-do list, highlights of the day.