At a time when the world is reeling from the coronavirus pandemic, people from all walks of life have been flooding social media with pictures, videos and songs related to the virus. While some have come up with new ways to spread awareness, others have been using older material with their own lines or songs. One such instance is the song Do Re Mi from the famous 1965 American movie The Sound of Music. Also Read - It's Not 2 Metres! Coronavirus Can Travel Up to 8 Metres & Stay in Air For Hours, Says MIT Researcher

The Sound of Music, starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer in the lead, is a musical drama and a favourite of many. And while the lyrics of the song Do Re Mi is still etched clearly in the minds of those who have watched it, Shirley Șerban decided to use the music with her own lyrics to talk about coronavirus. Also Read - Boss Lady Goes Viral After Accidentally Conducting Online Meeting as a Potato

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The song has so far garnered 5,058,870 views, and after receiving praise for her efforts, Shirley added a disclaimer of her own.

“The song is not intended to be taken seriously – I made it to humour myself and am quite blown away at the following it’s got over such a short time. No, wine is not a cure for the virus. Neither is whinging or blobbing (real words.) No, they’re not good at social distancing in the video – it was released in 1965,” she wrote.

The song has made many feel nostalgic with one person even even writing, “I want to hear ‘How do you solve a problem like Corona?'” The reference was to another song from the same movie which had Maria instead of Corona.

Another person wrote, “Shirley, you are a brilliant musician. The voice sounds like the original. I had to triple-check. Lyrics capture the spirit of the musical, tongue in cheek, I guess. If this is spreading like a virus, it will bring great joy to all. A lovely start to the day, every day.”

A person from India was also impressed with the effort and wrote, “Too damn good! Just got me nostalgic of the iconic movie – Sound of Music. Great way to spread the preventive measures against covid-19. Thank you. Greetings from New Delhi, India.”

With coronavirus cases nearing 1 million worldwide, such videos and pictures have not only lifted up moods but also provided much needed information.