There’s a whole lot of myths surrounding Indian girls. That Indian girls are shy, they are not modern or open minded, they still express shock and disapproval over things like sex and having multiple partners. With the new technology age, a lot of things right from finding partners, to marrying them has gone online. And thus, it doesn’t really come as a surprise when humans introduced sexting or the art of sending sex messages to their partners over the phone. Sexting is very common, especially among long distance couples who often find it the only way to feel they are closer. Also Read - Indian Women Prefer Men Aged 30-40 for Extra Marital Affairs, Reveals Data; Bengaluru the Most Unfaithful City

Despite being popular, sexting is looked down on by many and many girls do not prefer sexting. There have also been cases of harassment where men have sent indecent pictures of themselves/messages to girls. But then, among couples, it can be quite a fun thing at times. Sexting is now not a new word or not something unknown and has been widely accepted. The word even features in certain dictionaries and is treated to be just a part of modern slang. Sexting can be a positive as well as a negative experience – it solely depends on the comfort level of the people engaged in sexting and their expectations. Also Read - Designer Varija Bajaj Ventures Into Label Focused on Indian Culture, Body Shape For Working Women

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Sexting, though composed of sex and texting has widened it’s scope in modern times to include images as it is not restricted to only text with the advent of different apps and modes of communication. It need not be absolutely sexually explicit or have nude images – even foreplay or sometimes even flirting is referred to as sexting by youth. So, do you think Indian women are comfortable with sexting? Check out!