In a video that is giving nightmares to people on the internet, doctors in Russia removed a 4-feet snake from a Russian woman’s mouth after it crawled inside her while she slept.Also Read - Agra Family Shocked to Find Deadly Venomous Snake Resting in Their Kitchen, Later Released Into The Wild

The incident happened when the reptile reportedly slithered inside her as she slept in the yard of her home in Levashi village, in Dagestan. After she woke up, she felt unwell and was immediately rushed to the hospital.

On realising that there was something inside her stomach, doctors put her under general anaesthetic. Footage of the treatment has surfaced showing the gloved hands of a doctor removing the unidentified thing, after inserting a tube down her throat.

The doctor is heard off-camera saying: “Let’s see what this is” and then pulls out a snake from her mouth, leaving everyone in shock and disgust. The reptile is then dropped into a medical bucket.

Watch it here:

It is still unclear if the snake is still alive or how long it was inside the woman.

According to a report by Daily Mail, such incidents are common in the village and people are repeatedly warned to avoid sleeping outside.