People across the world have weird obsessions and addictions just like this 17-year-old teenager from Jharkhand who had a weird habit of excessively chewing on her hair. Over the years, she chewed on so much hair that she ended up with a huge 6.8 kg hairball in her abdomen!Also Read - Defeating the Odds: 107-Year-Old Maharashtra Woman Beats Covid-19 Days After Undergoing Spine Surgery

According to a Times Now report, the girl named Sweety Kumari had been suffering from something called the Rapunzel Syndrome, a rare medical condition resulting from ingesting hair for a prolonged period of time.

On August 31, the teenager underwent a 6-hour operation at a private hospital in Bokaro district by a team of doctors led by Dr GN Sahu.

The videos of the rare surgery have surfaced which show doctors pulling out the large, entangled mass of hair from her abdomen, that had been building up inside her over the course of several years.

Commenting on the case, Dr Sahu said that it was the first time in his 40-year career that he had seen such a massive accumulation of hair in the abdomen.  Meanwhile, Sweety is currently stable and recovering.

According to the British Medical Journal, as of 2018, there were only around 90 reported cases of Rapunzel syndrome. Owing to the fact that hair isn’t biodegradable, an accumulation of hairball can seriously damage the body by causing ulcers or fatally blocking the intestinal tract.

Other symptoms of Rapunzel syndrome include a bloated stomach, reduced appetite, weight loss and constipation or diarrhoea.