Move over red velvets and chocolates and get ready to welcome – Dog Poop dessert! If you’re shaking your head in disbelief and on the verge of throwing up, fear not, the core ingredient of Thailand’s new food sensation is not poop but gelatins, coconut milk and food colour. It is a turd-shaped sweet dish that has become a huge hit in the country with food lovers enjoying to take a bite of tasty shit of sugary treats! The video shows innovator of the Turd-shaped sweet dish as she crafts gelatinous sweets into the shape — and colour — of dog poop.Also Read - Travelling To Thailand Soon? Additional $9 To Be Added To Your Flight Ticket | Here's Why

Wilaiwan Mee-Nguen is a 30-year-old office worker who runs a sweet shop as a side business, running from her small kitchen at home. We have seen crazy food inventions in the past but when her revolutionary ‘dog poop-shaped’ dessert kicked off when a customer requested for an ‘unusual’ shape. She decided to make something eye-catching, and Wilaiwan came up with this crazy shape. Also Read - Suspension of Quarantine-Free Visa Policy in Thailand - Key Points

Speaking to the AFP, the sweet dish maker said, “It’s strange, no one else makes poop shapes. People like it!” She explains the reason behind the success of the food item – “They’ve mostly seen flower shapes, so this looks funny to Thai people.” Just imagine the happiness of the lady to find success in a dish whose appearance is supposed to make your stomach turn. She does admit that not everyone is a fan of her new food item as she adds, “When I post on my Facebook page customers can see these desserts… There are people who like and some who dislike it.” Also Read - Travelling to Thailand Amid Omicron Scare? Check Latest Covid-Related Warning

Dog Poop for Dessert, anyone?!

The dog poop dessert is not merely attractive but is proving to be profitable for Wilaiwan. The ‘dog poop’ desserts have become one of the most popular items, with the intrepid baker selling around 1,000 turd-shaped cakes a month for just under USD1 (SD1.39 or INR 64.50) a pop. She expects the sales to surge with the local media giving the food sensation a wide coverage, leading to more customers flocking at her shop.