We all have lost our cool at some point of time or the other, and usually we try to handle it with a bit of diplomacy. But what if an animal, say like a dog, loses his cool? How do you think he would handle or show his frustration at you? Well, one canine has learned the perfect way of showing his owner just what he feels when he is left alone for too long.Also Read - Video of Man in Karnataka Biting Snake Into Pieces Because it Crossed His Path Goes Viral

A boxer by the name of Wally, boxer in this case a breed of dog, has found out how he can summon his master when he is left sitting all alone in the car while his owner is shopping. Also Read - You Are Country's Economy: Man Showers Flower Petals on Tipplers Waiting in Line to Buy Alcohol

During one incident, Tyler Fust, who is the owner of Wally, had left him sitting in the car while he was at a shop near his home in Wisconsin, US. As he was finishing his shopping, he suddenly heard a car horn blaring from outside, and rushed out to see. Also Read - Covidiot: Not Understanding Purpose, Woman Cuts Hole in Her Face Mask so She Can Breathe

“As soon as I heard the honking, I knew it was Wally. He learned to honk about six months ago and now he does it whenever he wants my attention. I just couldn’t get over the serious side-eye he gave me when I got to the door. He didn’t even stop pressing the horn until I opened the door,” Tyler said.

Tyler, who was gone for just two minutes before it happened, was able to capture the whole incident on his phone, and it is hilarious.

The video has already got more than 200,000 views after Tyler uploaded it to his Facebook page, with many commenting about the hilarious look Wally gave.