Social media is one such platform where one single negative picture or video can ruin the brand name. A video of a leading pizza chain in India, Dominos using fake cheese which was going viral over the last few days across the nation has turned out to be fake. The video was supposedly a sting operation by BBC to expose fake cheese. Forbes India clarified the authentication of the content from the chief operating officer of BBC Global News and they said it’s not a BBC film.Also Read - Domino's Customer Data Breach: Mobile Numbers, Locations of 18 Crore Orders Leaked on Dark Web

Jubilant FoodWorks company’s subsidiary operates Domino’s Pizza brand and has issued a media statement exposing the malicious video. The statement reads, “We would like to clarify that the video is not from BBC. The same has been confirmed to us by BBC officially after their internal investigation,” said a company spokesperson in an email response to Forbes India. “Our veg and non-veg pizzas have always been made from the best quality 100% real mozzarella cheese prepared from real milk,” the spokesperson added.

One of the Facebook pages uploaded the video with a caption, “Truth about dominos pizza in India. Zero cheese and replaced by oil-based mayonnaise. Report by BBC. The same could not go online as dominos warned about pulling advertising budgets to media houses !!!!”

Take a look at the video which showed the use of fake cheese:


In February, Domino’s has been imposed a fine of Rs 9.50 lakh in Shahjahanpur and its supplier in Pune by the court of an additional district magistrate after a sample of Mozzarella cheese used in the pizza failed to pass a laboratory test. The milk fat content in the diced super stretch Mozzarella cheese was found to below the prescribed minimum limit of 35%. Many food items in the past have faced fines due to laboratory test issues.