New Delhi: During the Thanksgiving press conference on Thursday, outgoing US President Donald Trump was pictured sitting behind a surprisingly tiny desk which was much smaller if compared to the usual Presidential desk and seeing this glimpse, netizens couldn’t hold back from cracking jokes.Also Read - Brian Kemp Wins Georgia GOP Governor’s Race

On the occasion of Thanksgiving, President Trump addressed the press on multiple subjects, but, the only thing that garnered comments online was his small desk as he continued to allege election fraud and even lashed out at one of the reporters and alleged media bias and refused to make any comments on his possibility of attending President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration. Also Read - Judge rejects Donald Trump’s Lawsuit Challenging His Permanent Ban from Twitter

And, as soon as the internet caught hold of the sight, it prompted netizens to point out similarities between Trump’s ‘ tiny desk’ with miniature tables found in dollhouses. Very soon hashtags like #diaperdon, #tinydesk and #resolutedesk also started trending on Twitter. Also Read - ‘Twitter Has Become Very Boring, I Hope Elon Musk Improves it’, Says Donald Trump

Netizens got a boost to follow the trend after Hollywood actor Mark Hamill shared the picture of Trump sitting on the desk and tweeted, “Maybe if you behave yourself, stop lying to undermine a fair election & start thinking of what’s good for the country instead of whining about how unfairly you are treated, you’ll be invited to sit at the big boy’s table.”

Meanwhile, netizens also grabbed this opportunity to dish out memes and crack jokes at the Republican incumbent president. As some users focused on his insecurities about the presidency, many others also lauded the “clever and brave White House staff” who swapped the President’s table with a much smaller one.

However, after the #DiaperDon went viral, Trump angrily declared Twitter a national security threat. An anti-Trump political action committee, MeidasTouch, took credit for the initial use of the hashtag on Friday morning.

And, in the early hours of Friday morning, Trump tweeted, “Twitter is sending out totally false ‘Trends’ that have absolutely nothing to do with what is really trending in the world. They make it up, and only negative ‘stuff’.”

This incident has undoubtedly raised a thought in everyone’s mind that even though Trump’s presidency is coming to an end,  he will continue to keep his Twitter audience amused.