Right after a BJP MLA, Suresh Tiwari from Barhaj constituency of UP’s Deoria, got a show cause notice from the saffron party for warning people against buying vegetables from Muslim vendors, another MLA from the state has been caught on camera harrassing a Muslim vendor. A video currently breaking the Internet for its insensitive content shows Brij Bhushan Sharan from Charkhari in UP’s Mahoba district, out without a mask, launching a communal attack on a masked Muslim vendor in UP. Also Read - BJP's Troubleshooter, NE's Most Influential Politician Himanta Biswa Sarma to Take Oath as Assam CM Today

In a video shared by ANI, Sharan can be seen standing outside his house with a water bottle in hand and without wearing a mask, interrogating a vegetable seller while his son sat on the cart. Even though conscious of a camera recording his antics, Sharan was seen coercing the duo to reveal their religious identities. The man replied that he name was Rajkumar. Unconvinced, the MLA asked again, “Sahi bolo nahi to maar maar kay theek kar doonga tumhay (Tell me your name correctly, or I will beat you up).” He then asks the little boy accompanying the vendor, “Beta tu bata, nahi toh tera papa jayega (Tell us, or we will put your father in jail).” The boy is heard saying, “Aziz-ur-Rahman” while begging the MLA to let them go and that it would not be repeated. Angry, Sharan is then heard threatening, “Basti mein dikh nai jaana tum log. Aaj ke baad yahan dikh nai jaana yahan tum log nahi toh maar maar ke theek kar deinge. Sa**a jhoot bol raha tha Musalmaan hokay? (You dare not be spotted in this area again or we will fix you by beating you. You were lying about being a Muslim).” Also Read - Ambulance Rates Capped In Noida; Rs 2,500 For 10 KM Those With Ventilator/Bi-pap Support. Check Details

Later, ANI updated that the MLA had confessed about being in the video but clarified that his reprimanding was only because the vegetable seller was not wearing a mask. ANI quoted Sharan saying, “Yes, it was my video. I reprimanded him because he was lying. He said his name was Rajkumar while his name is Rehmuddin. He wasn’t wearing masks&gloves. We know,16 vegetable sellers in Kanpur&1 in Lucknow tested COVID-19 positive (sic).”

Earlier, Suresh Tiwari, a BJP MLA from Barhaj constituency of UP’s Deoria landed himself in trouble after he was seen warning people against buying vegetables from Muslim vendors. “Why make it a big issue?” the MLA had said after facing flak for his remarks. This came days after PM Modi asked people not to communalise the coronavirus pandemic which had claimed more than 900 lives across the country.

After the incident, the clip was widely shared on social media, triggering a controversy. The state BJP spokesperson Chandra Mohan said that the party would look into the circumstances in which the MLA issued such the statement.