Dr Subhash Chandra, Chairman, Essel Group and ZEE group is seen addressing students of IMT Ghaziabad in this episode. He talks about the importance of time management and how it helps people to achieve their goals effectively. He also shares his experiences from life wherein managing time helped him do wonders. When asked by students how a person with lots of work will be able to complete his work on time, he said that a person who knows time management will never have more than what he can handle. Also Read - GEE Vision INC And ZEE TV Presents International Indian Icon 2018 Season 2, Watch Semi Finale Episode 1 Here

Dr Chandra says that many a times people take time for granted and let lethargy take over them. Giving importance to time and working accordingly will always help in having a successful life. He also emphasised that one must not just get work done in time but also in the most creative manner. In today’s life where time management is an overstressed topic, businessmen should not let it affect their potential for innovation and creativity. Watch the Dr Subhash Chandra Show episode to know more! Also Read - Exclusive: 'Naamdaar Maligning me Whereas I Only Stated Facts,' Says PM on Calling Rajiv Gandhi 'Bhrashtachari No. 1'

Edited  by Shweta Parande Also Read - Sanskriti Kumbh: Meeting on Significance of Pilgrimage in Mumbai on Wednesday