If you are a book lover, then you must be in love with the concept of this Dubai-based bookstore. And if you are in Dubai now, then you must visit the store. It is a kind of a library. The name of the bookshop is ‘Book Hero’ and it runs all day long totally on the basis of trust. According to ANI reports, the bookstore has no staff, it runs on public trust. This is the region’s first unstaffed bookshop. And if you find the whole concept of the bookshop interesting then you should visit Dubai soon.Also Read - Virat Kohli Becomes 1st Player to Score 500 Runs vs Pakistan in ICC Tournaments; Other Milestones Achieved 

The first-ever 24×7 ‘trust’ bookshop has over 20,000 novels in store and relies on a payment drop box called the Trust Box. On their way out, all that the customers have to do is drop money in the box. ‘Book Hero’ is running a mini pop-up stand at Marina Walk in Dubai Marina. Also Read - Rohit Sharma Gets Unnecessarily Trolled After Registering Golden Duck in Dubai

The owner of Book Hero, Montserrat Martin, partnered with Emirati entrepreneur Mohammed Abdulla Alqubaisi to come up with the idea of believing customers and running the bookstore completely on trust. According to Gulf News reports, Montserrat Martin said, “We don’t employ staff simply because we trust our customers. I visit the place once a day to replace stock and collect money.” Also Read - Pitch Looks Different, Hope to Set a Good Total - Virat Kohli at Toss

When asked if someone stole a book and walked away, what would he do, Martin said, “Nobody would steal a book and even if someone does so, it would cost me just 300 dirhams which is nothing compared to what I would spend on hiring staff and paying for overheads like visa and insurance.”

To specify the prices, the books will be tagged with coloured stickers, yellow and green. All the books in the store will range from 10 dirhams to 20 dirhams. Thus, it will be easier for the customers to navigate through the prices. Mostly the bookstore consists of English and Arabic books. Though there are Russian, Chinese, French and Spanish books as well.