Mumbai, Dec 31: It’s already December and 2015 is coming to an end. Several videos surfaced in 2015 and created lot of buzz on internet and social media. While some video spread social message, some displayed the horrific incidents of life. Among the newsmakers and major events of the year, popular personalities like Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi also left social media abuzz. Also Read - Big Benefit For 6 Lakh Home Buyers in UP, PM Announces Rs 2691 Crore Under PMAY-G | Details Here

Among several videos that went viral on social platforms, many reveal the insensitive and autocratic behavior of politicians and officers like a lady government officer was caught on camera while playing game in her cell phone during a farmers’ grievance redressal meet in Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu. Some viral videos created laughter, while many revealed the unknown sides of celebrities. So here we present the compilation of ten viral videos, which were immensely shared on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social platforms. (ALSO READ: Top 15 newsmakers of 2015) Also Read - Pradhan Mantri Gramin Awaas Yojana: Over 6.1 Lakh Beneficiaries in UP to Receive Rs 2691 Crore Assistance

1- Camera obssessed Narendra Modi Also Read - Budget 2021: Will Govt Bring Cheer to Pandemic-hit Middle Class? A Look at Expectations This Year

Narendra Modi always knows where the camera is and he never compromise when it comes to posing for camera. But Modi’s love for camera left Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg embarrassed. Modi along with Zuckerberg was meeting a lady while the camera persons around there were trying to click his picture. Meanwhile, Zuckerberg unknowingly blocked the view and the Indian Prime Minister didn’t like it. No matter who Zuckerberg is, Modi brushed him aside for giving perfect pose to camera. As Modi dragged Zuckerberg aside, the Facebook founder felt really embarrassing. The video soon went viral and once again showed how camera obsessed Modi is.

2- Dumb Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who often becomes a butt of jokes on social media, was caught on camera while copying a condolence note from mobile when he visited Nepal embassy to express solidarity with the earthquake victims in Nepal. In the video, Rahul Gandhi was seen writing solidarity words looking at his cell phone. As the Gandhi scion went ahead with copying the text on the register, Rahul also pressed a button once on the mobile to switch on its back-light to read the text again.

3- Modi- Satya handshake

After Modi-Zuckerburg episode, a video, that hit the headline, showing Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella wiping his hands after shaking hands with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was being shared among people. Like people wipe hands to take off dirt, Nadella shook off his hands immediately after shaking hands with Modi. The incident happened at ‘Digital India’ dinner in Silicon Valley where Modi met with top CEOs of Google.

4- Sex video of Hardik Patel

Hardik Patel, the 22-year young man from Gujarat is the face of Patel agitation and became popular over the night. He brought the Gujarat state at standstill triggering violent protest across the state over reservation demand. As Hardik Patel gained popularity on social and in political circles, rivals were ready with weapons to tarnish his image. A sex video has emerged and gone viral on social media showing Hardik Patel doing obscene acts. The video claims that the man showing obscenity is Hardik Patel. But a closer look will reveal that the man in the objectionable is Hardik Patel’s look-alike.

5- Suresh Prabhu sleeping

A funny video of Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu taking a nap while performing Yoga on International Yoga Day celebration went viral on social media. Suresh Prabhu, who participated in Yoga session organized by Nehru Yuva Kendra at Rajiv Gandhi indoor stadium in Kochi on International Yoga Day, found hard to assume tough yogic postures. When the 40-minutes long Yoga session came to an end, Prabhu fell asleep while performing shavasana. While the others were seen raising from shavasana after the call, Prabhu continued to sleep. A volunteer comes to him and wakes him up.

6- Candy Crush saga

Many people have become addicted to the popular game on Facebook, Candy Crush. The Candy Crush addiction was witnessed with a lady government officer, who was caught on camera while playing the game in her cell phone during a farmers’ grievance redressal meet in Dharmapuri,Tamil Nadu. A video emerged in which S Kavitha, a special officer for the Harur Sugar Mill, was spotted playing Candy Crush while the farmers were sharing their problems before the government’s panel. What surprising is that the DRO rank officer was sitting right next to the district collector when she shamelessly preferred to play games rather than listening farmers.

7- Lalbaugcha Raja

A video of around 5-6 policewomen dragging a young girl at the Lalbaugcha Raja in Mumbai left the viewers in shock and disgust. The inhuman behavior displayed by the women police who ganged up to mercilessly beat up a young girl from Mira Road was caught on camera during Ganesh festival. Maintaining law and order is a difficult task and the responsibility doubles up during the festivities but the conduct of Police was truly bone-chilling.

8- VHP workers kicking cows

A video clip, purportedly showing some VHP workers kicking a cow during immersion of ashes of Ashok Singhal went viral on social media platforms. The video shows that some persons in a procession carrying ashes of Singhal for immersion in Lucknow were kicking the cow which came in the way of the rally. The video left the VHP red-faced as the outfit is the self-proclaimed protector of cows, which is considered holy in Hinduism.

9- Drunk Bhagwant Mann

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) left embarrassed when its Sangrur MP, Bhagwant Mann, was forced to leave a stage after he was allegedly found drunk. A video of Bhagwant Mann leaving the event in a huff after few people alleged that he consumed alcohol, went viral on social media. Mann was asked to leave the stage during a religious ceremony called ‘bhog’ held for the two men killed in police firing after he was allegedly found drunk by a former granthi.

10- Muslim national anthem

A video purportedly showing a Muslim family forced to leave cinema hall after they refused to stand up during national anthem went viral on social media. The 2 minute 40 seconds long video clip shows audience having altercation with a family who refused to stand up when the national anthem was being played. The person who uploaded the video claimed those who didn’t stand up were from a Muslim family.