Durex India has been making conversations about condoms and sex immensely easy in their country and the condom manufacturing giant is back with another video that beautifully talks about important points. The new Durex Jeans Condoms ad shows women take charge of safety during sex and has a sexy girl prepping for a fun night with Ranveer Singh. Durex Condom has been able to convey a lot without really saying anything, and their new ad which is all about Girls for Durex is on a similar line with a video that is empowering and already starting conversations. Ranveer Singh shows fans how to wear Durex Jeans condom! (Watch video)
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Durex launched its Jeans Condoms back in March this year with a sexy video where their brand ambassador Ranveer Singh was prepping for various sex positions by securing his house. The ad ends with a hot woman entering the house with the thin and easy to slip in Durex Jeans Condoms. The new Durex Jeans ad is exactly the same, except the roles, are now reversed. The sexy girl is seen taking charge of protection as she tapes up the lost areas in her house and makes it ready and Ranveer Singh is seen playing the role of a guest. Durex condom ad: Watch Ranveer Singh enjoying sex and rapping #DoTheRex! Also Read - RIP Diego Maradona: Shah Rukh Khan, Ranveer Singh, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Others Pay Tribute to Greatest Player of All Time

The new Durex Condom ad has been labelled as empowering and innovative by many and has already gone viral. The video is trending online, and people on Twitter cannot stop talking about the #GirlsForDurex drive which is pushing women to take charge and step up to talk about the importance of safety. Twitterati are busy sharing the super sexy video with a strong message, girls take the wheel, and the brand has beautifully marketed their super slim condom packs that can fit in anywhere, even the practically useless pockets in girls’ jeans. Also Read - No Link With Sushant Singh Rajput! Bingo Releases Official Statement After Fans Trend 'Boycott Bingo' Over ad Featuring Ranveer Singh

Watch the Girls for Durex ad for the Jeans condom

The Conversations on sexuality began

Girls take the wheel

Thanks indeed

People cannot stop talking about #GirlsForDurex

Durex has once again managed to bring forwards a strong opinion and has people talking about the female sexuality and how they can take charge. This ad is fresh and empowering for condom ads, especially in light of the recent events. The importance of safe sex has been talked about from a very young age, thanks to all the sex education classes that we have in school. However, it is still difficult for many to understand that men and women take equal charge and both need to drive safe sex. This new ad by Durex is clearly a step in the right direction for spreading this basic message.