In India, sex and related topics like contraception are a big taboo. People hardly talk about it and have knowledge so you can gauge the usage level of contraception in India. But famous brands like Durex are trying to normalize the same and come up with similar campaigns to promote safe sex. A few years ago, the company came up with Eggplant flavored condoms and the same took the internet by storm. But later it was revealed that it was a publicity stunt by them to promote and raise awareness about safe sex among youth. And now they have a new campaign. Why Indians condemn Condom? This is the question Durex asked Indians on Twitter as they recently conducted a survey and the same shows that 95 percent of Indians do not use condoms Also Read - If Jasprit Bumrah Can Stay Fit, He Will Take 400 Test Wickets - Curtly Ambrose

Chinese-Made Condoms Are Too Small For Men of Zimbabwe: Health Minister Complains

Chinese-Made Condoms Are Too Small For Men of Zimbabwe: Health Minister Complains

They launched #HateCondoms on Twitter and asked why they do not use? Soon Twitterati came up with their reasons to explain. While many took fun jibes some seriously gave real reasons. From being single to feeling shy, several people took to Twitter to reveal their reason. Many even asked the authenticity of the survey as the condom brand didn’t post any information or any source of the survey. Also Read - Hardik Pandya May Not be Seen in Test Cricket For a Long While - Aakash Chopra

Here is the tweet by Durex India: Also Read - The Pressure of Expectations is Getting to Shubman Gill - Sunil Gavaskar



Fun Fact

What woman feels? No one knows


Ideal answer

Condom ads are sin


Great idea

Singles’ reason

This is not the first Durex came up with a survey. Last year in December, they conducted a global survey on sex and the same revealed how Indians believe in a lot of myths and weird notions of sex. Kissing means sex, masturbation is harmful, women tolerate infidelity more than men were some of the shocking things that were revealed in the survey. What are your views on the same? Let us know in the comments below.