Kolkata: As the much-awaited Durga Puja festivities begin from Thursday, a picture of Chinese President Xi Jinping replacing the demon has gone viral on social media. The picture is a part of one of the conceptualised Durga idols from West Bengal’s Berhampore city and it started trending just days after the migrant mother avatar of goddess Durga went viral. Also Read - Making India Proud! This Maharashtra Teacher Has Won a Whopping Rs 7 Crore Prize For Promoting Girls' Education | WATCH

Making idols around trending themes and concepts has always been a familiar ritual during the Durga Puja festival every year. And, this year as the world fights the deadly outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is no surprise if people come across such pictures where the asur (demon) might be the Chinese president or a figurine of the virus. Also Read - COVID-19 Could Be Causing Long-Term Lung Damage, Reveals Oxford Study

Hence, this viral picture has not only gained the attraction of netizens but has also earned praises. People have immensely praised the idol maker for his ‘creativity’ of putting Xi Jinping’s face in place of the demon’s. Also Read - Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine Can Help Produce Antibodies That Last For Atleast 3 Months: Study

The idol has reportedly been conceptualised by artisan Ashim Pal. In the structure, Pal has kept all the other idols intact, with Durga in the centre and her children Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesha and Kartik on her both sides. She is also seen riding the lion, but just beside it, in place of the demon, one can see a male figure that is missing its head. And right near it, is a head, that looks similar to that of the Chinese President.

China is the country where the novel coronavirus is believed to have originated first and it has been accused by many world leaders of spreading the infection and hiding the actual extent of spread in the early days. India and China also remain locked in a standoff for the past few months at the Himalayan border in the eastern region of Ladakh.