Needless to say, the patriarchal society that we live in, has a lot of expectations from women. More so, if you are married woman, the society will love to tell you what to wear, or how to behave. However, not every woman wants to wear symbols indicating her marital status namely-sindoor, mangalsutra, bangles all the time. After all, it’s the choice of the woman whether she wants to wear all of these on a regular basis or discard it altogether.Also Read - Anushka Sharma Wears Rs 27000 Ivory Salwar Suit For a Low-Key Diwali Celebration, Flaunts Her Pregnancy Glow in The Stunning Attire

In the wake of this, a YouTube channel is being slammed online after it added sindoor to actor Anushka Sharma’s Diwali pictures. A user @baateinvaatein noticed how a YouTube channel named ‘Universal In Sights’ added sindoor to Anushka Sharma’s sindoor-less Diwali pictures and posted the images online.

She wrote, ”This came up on my YouTube right now and I noticed something off with the picture. They literally added the sindoor to her pictures.” See the pics here:

Well, people were left shocked and confused as to why was such an inclusion (or edit) even needed. While some cracked jokes, others bashed the channel reminding that it is a woman’s choice to wear sindoor or not.

One user wrote, ”It’s literally…about her choice…if she wanted sindoor she would have applied it herself…why did they have to add it to the pictures…?”

A few months back, Guwahati High Court had claimed that married women who don’t wear sindoor are unwilling to accept their marriage. The same had sparked a fiery debate on social media with many saying that the vermilion is a symbol of patriarchal control while others opined that the choice should be left with the woman.

Just because a woman doesn’t wear these symbols, it is in no way indicative of the fact that she is disrespectful towards the institution of marriage or doesn’t love her husband.