New Delhi based elderly couple finally delivered a healthy baby boy after opting for IVF treatment. 64-year-old Chameli Meena delivered the baby boy back in March, via IVF. Jagdish Meena and his wife, Chameli began trying to conceive again after they lost their 31-year-old son in 2015. The couple approached the Delhi IVF and Fertility Centre and underwent treatment there. This heart-touching story of the parents finally having a healthy and happy baby boy, Armaan, once again puts the scientific procedure in good light. 72-year-old woman delivers baby boy through IVF
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The couple was asked about becoming parents again at such an old age, and Jagdish Meena told Times of India, “We undergo health check-ups every six months to keep ourselves healthy and available to the child through his growing years.” The IVF procedure involves taking the eggs collected from the woman’s ovaries and fertilizing it with the husband’s sperms that are processed in the test tube. The embryos that are thus formed are then placed inside a woman’s uterus, and the 64-year-old woman underwent this treatment to become a mother again. Karan Johar becomes father to twins through surrogacy: 4 other Bollywood stars who opted for surrogate baby
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The procedure was done under the guidance of Dr Anoop Gupta, director of the Delhi IVF and Fertility Centre. Dr Gupta also spoke about the IVF treatment and said, “If the mother is healthy and she can undergo the procedure, how can we deny her the right to opt for assistive reproductive technology? Also, we cross-check the financial situation of such couples before agreeing to conduct the procedure.” World’s smallest baby with successful heart surgery is from Rajasthan: Newborn boy weighs 470 grams! (See Pictures)
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This is not the first time that a comparatively older couple has chosen to have a child via IVF. Last year, a 72-year-old woman also delivered a baby boy through IVF 46 years of her marriage. In fact, according to Dr Gupta, there have been at least 20-25 women above the age of 50 who have come to the Delhi clinic for this procedure. (Edited by Aishwarya Krishnan)