At a time when positivity and heartwarming stories are much needed in the middle of the ongoing pandemic, a video of a 70-year-old Covid-19 patient beautifully playing the violin for his caregivers has gone viral. Also Read - Watch: New Jersey Man Eats Raw Onion, Garlic & Lime to Show How Covid-19 Affects His Sense of Taste, Video Goes Viral

Grover Wilhelmsen, a coronavirus patient getting treatment at McKay-Dee Hospital in Utah, US, is a retired orchestra teacher. Also Read - Ever Seen Anything Like This? Giant Rolled Omelette Made With 60 Eggs | Watch Viral Video

Showing his gratitude to the hospital staff and to lift their spirits, Grover could be seen beautifully playing the violin from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). A healthcare could be seen standing beside his bed in the ICU.

The video posted by Intermountain Healthcare, has managed to acquire more than one lakh views on YouTube so far. You can watch the viral video below:

The songs played by Grover include the Tennessee Waltz and church hymns.

One of comments by a YouTube user said, “This might be the loveliest, most gracious sight I’ve seen since March. Best wishes to this man and all those suffering from Covid-19, and a heartfelt thanks to everyone working so hard to help the sick.”

“It reminds me of the band on the titanic. amid crushing fear, heartbreak, hopelessness and despair, a man using what little energy he has left to make something beautiful,” said a commenter.

Another comment said, “Thank you, Grover, for showing the world what it is to have great fortitude! Love and good health to you and every medical professional placing themselves at risk.”

“Beautiful! Hope you are well soon! Thank you for sharing with all of us,” another user commented on the video.