Fife: As a precautionary measure against the deadly coronavirus, people across the world have been advised to use face mask while stepping out of their homes. But, given the shortages of N-95 masks amid unprecedented demand, people have been forced to cover themselves with other useful materials. Also Read - 'Sakhi' Vans to Deliver Free Sanitary Napkins to Doorsteps in Lucknow Amid Covid-19 Lockdown

However, an elderly Scottish man surprised everyone with a rather unusual choice! While shopping at a supermarket in Fife, passersby were stunned in surprise after the man was spotted wearing a sanitary napkin as a face mask.

The video of the man captured by a fellow shopper shows him shopping for groceries and walking in the supermarket, visibly unaware of what he was using to cover his face, as per a Daily Mail report.

Kenny Ross, the man who captured the footage, told Daily Mail “I had to do a double-take before I realised what it was. I clocked him again inside the supermarket and thought I had to get a quick video of it”.

The video since being shared has gone viral on social media, with many appreciating him for taking the necessary precaution, while some others criticized the person who filmed the elderly man without taking his permission.

A user commented, ”At least he’s wearing something. The one recording needs to be ashamed. Not amused by your recording.”