Days after Elon Musk’s newborn baby boy created quite a buzz on social media for his eccentric name, the Tesla founder on Monday treated his fans to a new photo of his munchkin. In the adorable photo, the 2-month-old baby was seen deeply gazing at his father who was holding him and staring right back in his eyes.Also Read - Finally! Legal Name of Elon Musk & Grimes' Son Revealed in Birth Certificate, Here's What It Is

In the picture which has now gone viral, Musk is seen wearing a black-coloured shirt with a grey T-shirt underneath it. He capped off the look with a blue bandana which he tied around his neck.

The SpaceX owner captioned the post in German language, “Das baby kann noch keinen loffel benutzen,” which roughly translates to, “The baby cannot use a spoon yet.”

See the post here:

It was on May 4 that Musk and Grimes welcomed their first baby and named him X Æ A-12 Musk. The unique name went viral, and fans wondered how it would be pronounced and if it was even legal to have such a name! As per California laws, a name should be restricted to English alphabets, and shouldn’t have numbers or special characters.

Weeks after speculation over legal trouble, the baby’s name was as ‘X AE A-XII Musk.” The birth certificate document lists X as the first name of their son, whilst Æ A-XII is his middle name, and Musk is his surname.

Previously in May too, he shared two pictures of his son, which had gone viral. Check them out:

Musk, who already has five sons from his previous marriage to author Justine Wilson, said that it was girlfriend and Canadian singer Grimes who had come up with the name for their son.