Brasilia: With ‘work from home’ becoming the new normal, people have increasingly ditched formal attire and are switching to more comfortable clothing during Zoom calls. However, seems one man got too comfortable and landed himself in an extremely embarrassing situation, after forgetting to turn off his camera! Also Read - Vizag Cop Drags-Beats Half-Naked Doctor Who Complained About Lack of PPE Kits, Police Calls Latter 'Mentally Unwell'

In a huge blunder, the man ended up broadcasting his naked body while on a video call with at least 10 other people, including Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro. Also Read - Trending News Today April 28, 2020: German Doctors Post Naked Photos to Protest Against Shortage of PPEs Amid Covid-19 Crisis

The bizarre incident happened during a virtual meeting with Bolsonaro, organized by Paulo Skaf, the president of the Federation of Industries of the State of Sao Paulo.

Upon spotting the naked businessman, President Bolsonaro reportedly said: “Paulo, there’s a colleague there in the last little square, he left, is he okay?”

Realising what had happened, the Minister of Industry, Paulo Guedes, replied, “There is a guy having a shower there, naked. There’s a naked guy there, isolating naked at home, great. The guy was getting hot with the conversation, so he went to take a cold shower.”

To which Bolsonaro responded, “Unfortunately we saw. It was a shaky picture but we saw, unfortunately.”

The man who reportedly works as an advisor for the federation has not been named by the media. However, following this weird conversation, pictures of the conference went viral on social media, with many people identifying him.