In a Covid-19 world, handshakes are out and ‘Namaste’ is in! In order to ensure social distancing, many people, especially world leaders, are now opting for the Indian greeting of Namaste rather than going for a handshake. Also Read - Sanjay Raut Blames 'Namaste Trump' Event For COVID-19 Spread in Gujarat, Targets Centre For Poor Lockdown Planning

Adopting the same, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were seen greeting each other with a ‘namaste’. The two European Union leaders met on Thursday to discuss travel restrictions related to the coronavirus.

Macron was seen leaning forward and folding his hands in the traditional Indian “namaste” as he welcomed German Chancellor Angela Merkel at his Mediterranean holiday retreat, the Fort of Bregancon, in southern France.

In a tweet, All India Radio News shared the video and wrote, ”Namaste is Global! When Emmanuel Macron, President of France and Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany greet each other with Namaste.”

Watch the video:

A combination of two Sanskrit words, Namaste means ‘bowing to you’ and does not involve skin contact and allows people to maintain a distance.

US President Donald Trump, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Prince Charles and many other world leaders were also seen adopting the Indian style of greeting after the coronavirus outbreak.

The Israel Prime Minister was one of many first international leaders to endorse Namaste. “Simply keep away from shaking fingers as I do. You’ll be able to attempt to implement the Indian system of Namaste or say one other phrase like shalom, however, discover a means, any means of not shaking fingers,” Netanyahu had stated.

While addressing the India Global Week 2020, Pm Modi referred to the trend saying,  “You would have seen Namaste has gone global as a form of greeting. The pandemic has also seen the universal appeal of yoga, Ayurveda and traditional medicine world over. India’s ancient culture and universal peaceful ethos are its strength.”