A man decided to walk for 32 Kilometers to his first day of work after his car broke down. According to a report by CBS, Walter Carr who got a new job at a moving company called Bellhops was to start his new job on a Sunday. He soon realised that his car had broken down right before his first day at work and decided to take matters into his own hands. He then decided to start walking to his new place of work. He started walking at midnight so that he could make it in time.

The local police of Pelham saw him walking, this is after he had already been walking for hours. The police then gave him a lift to his place of work which is a home in Pelham and even bought him breakfast.

The police officers then told the homeowner Jenny Lamey about his inspiring story and then shared the whole incident in a Facebook post. The Facebook post then went viral and got noticed by the CEO of Bellhops, Luke Marklin.

What happened next will make you touch your hearts as Marklin decided to gift his 2014 Ford Escape car. Watch this heartfelt incident in a viral video.

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Even after Walter Carr had been walking and travelling for hours he did not want to rest after Jenny Lamey offered him to rest. As per the post, Carr is a hurricane Katrina survivor and moved to Birmingham with his mother.