While the rest of the world is busy fighting coronavirus, a wealthy man in Europe man decided to splurge and bought an island off the Irish coast, for Rs 47 crores! As per a Guardian report, the 157-acre island southwest of Ireland was purchased by him simply by seeing video footage. Also Read - Endangered Green Sea Turtles Grab Eyeballs For Hatching Eggs on Galapagos Islands

Yes! The man purchased the property without even visiting the location and he negotiated the deal over WhatsApp, after being impressed with the beauty of the island.

According to The Guardian, Thomas Balashev, the CEO of Montague Real Estate, who mediated the deal, said, “The owner fell in love with the scenery. He specifically wanted an island in the British Isles with the kind of scenery Horse Island has to offer. He hadn’t visited the island prior to the purchase but had seen all the scenery and amenities via video.”

Boasting of seven houses and three beaches, the exotic property has a pier, helipad, gym, tennis court and a ‘shipwreck playhouse’, in addition to its own electricity, water and sewage systems.

“The owner started investigating island options before the COVID-19 pandemic and sought to make a deal as quickly as possible once the crisis hit. He did not want to step in here because of virus fear”, the realtor further said.

Notably, this island was home to a small copper industry during the 19th century, with mines dotted around the island.