Amid the coronavirus pandemic that has taken over the world causing deaths and distress to the economy, it’s the need of the hour to maintain social distancing, follow the protocols of the lockdown and take all the necessary precautions to stay healthy and safe from COVID-19. Citing the same reason, people have postponed their weddings while some have also managed to marry online. Not all are satisfied doing the same though. Like this former Chief Minister from Karnataka who decided to get his son married with all the showsha and traditions despite the strict guidelines issued by the government. Or at least the pictures say so! Also Read - Okay! Coronavirus Could be Spreading Through Farts, Warns a Doctor

Twitterati are talking about this high-profile wedding in Karnataka where the actor-politician Nikhil Kumaraswamy, son of former Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy and grandson of former Prime Minister HD Devegowda, got married to Revathi, the grand-niece of former Minister M Krishnappa, on their scheduled wedding date. Also Read - Indian News Channel Declares Army Veteran Dead Due to COVID-19, he Tweets Back

The photos that are going viral on social media show a gathering of a lot of people with photographers, videographers and entire staff catering to the guests at the wedding. Both the sides of the families seem present in the pictures and the rituals are being done with all fervour. The pictures were first released by news agency ANI. In a report published by Deccan Herald, MLC TA Shravana was quoted saying how the wedding happened with the permission of the officials and only the family members of the bride and the groom were gathered at a farmhouse near Bidadi outside Bengaluru in Ramanagara.

Netizens are furious seeing the protocols of the lockdown being violated and no one maintaining social distancing at the event. Some people have also mentioned how even though the Karanataka government allowed closed-door weddings to be held inside homes, there’s no one in this big wedding who is even seen wearing a mask. Check out these tweets:

Meanwhile, India has currently reported over 14,300 cases of COVID-19 with 480 deaths so far.