Asansol: Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to do it and a shining example of it is 24-year-old, Bobita Soren who dug a well inside her house so that her 50-year-old ailing mother could have access to water. Yes, instead of complaining and begging the authorities, she took the matters in her own hands and dug a 15-feet well!Also Read - UK Woman Accidentally Digs Up World War 2 Bomb While Gardening, Thinks It's a Stone

Notably, the villages’ water source is about 200 meters away and Soren’s sick mother had to stand in the queue for 30 minutes every time to fetch water.

“My mother Nina Soren suffers from anemia and is very weak. Since I was a child I used to see her work very hard to fetch water. I used to feel very sad. She had to walk under the scorching sun and stand in the queue to bring water. I was trying to come up with a permanent solution. Suddenly, it struck me that I can dig a well,” Hindustan Times quoted Soren as saying.

Soren who is currently pursuing B.Ed in Burdwan district started digging the well in 2019-end but had to leave midway due to her studies. However, with colleges closed due to Covid-19 lockdown, she resumed digging the well.

For 2-3 weeks, she continued her efforts, aided by her brother and father and finally, she hit the water table. The extraordinary achievement soon spread across town, and senior officials of the local administration paid a visit to her house on June 28.

Tapas Banerjee, MLA and chairman of the Asansol Durgapur Development Authority, said he was awestruck when he saw the well and assured her that the administration will dig the rest and make it a 30-feet deep well so that they can get proper drinking water.

Besides that, he has also promised Bobita a laptop and a job!