Not all that we read on the internet is true and it’s always better to check the facts before believing them. One such misleading post is going viral on WhatsApp which claims that the central government is giving up to Rs. 3800 per month to citizens between 18- 50 years age under the Prime Minister Unemployed Allowance scheme.Also Read - Fact Check: Have Doctors Adviced COVID-19 Vaccine Injections in Penis For Men? Here's The Truth

The viral message also has a link which tells users to click on it to get register to collect this payment. The message claims that people who are unemployed and fall in age group 18-25 will get up to Rs 1,500 per month, people falling in age group 25-30 years will get Rs 2,000 per month, age group 31-35 years will get Rs 3,000 per month, people of age 36-45 will get Rs 3,500, while people belonging to age group 46-50 will get Rs 3,800.

However, govt’s fact-checking arm Press Information Bureau (PIB) conducted a fact check on this report and found out that the government has put forward no such proposal. PIB said that no such scheme is being run by the Central government and asked people to not believe in such false news.

Debunking the fake news, PIB in a tweet wrote, ”It is being claimed in a message that the Central Government is providing unemployment allowance up to ₹ 3800 per month to the unemployed. #PIBFactCheck: – This claim is fake. The central government has not made any such announcement”.

Check out the tweet:

Earlier in 2020 also, a similar fake message claiming that the government is providing Rs 3,500 to all unemployed under ‘Pradhanmantri Berozgaar Bhatta Yojana’ had gone viral.

The Press Information Bureau launched this fact-checking arm in December 2019, to curb misinformation and fake news prevalent on the internet. It claimed that its objective was “to identify misinformation related to government’s policies and schemes that are circulating on various social media platforms”.

Meanwhile, considering the rampant spread of fake news, PIB has invited people to send their queries, so that fake news can be verified. The government has time and again warned people about such misinformation and asked them to only believe trusted sources.