‘Fake Melania’ conspiracy theories have once again taken Twitter by storm after people have alleged that US President Donald Trump used a body double to stand in for his wife. The rumours went viral after a picture showed First Lady Melania smiling while boarding Marine One with husband Donald Trump on October 22.Also Read - It's Not How You Talk About Friends: Joe Biden Slams Donald Trump For Calling India's Air 'Filthy'

In the picture, the First Lady is seen wearing large dark glasses masking much of her face, with many users alleging that it wasn’t the real ‘Melania’.

Film director Zack Bornstein shared the picture on Twitter and wrote: “The only thing I’ll miss from this administration is them swapping in new Melanias and just pretending we won’t notice like a 4-year-old with a guppy.”

See the picture here:

Some users also shared photos claiming how Melania’s smile and appearance in the recent photo did not match her smile in other older photos. Several of the conspiracy theorists noted that Melania’s teeth looked rounder than they usually do.

“Good luck finding any photos of Melania smiling like that,” wrote one user while another said, ”Swipe these two photos back & forth. Notice the two front teeth. Melania’s are more squared…THAT AIN’T HER in the other photo.”

This isn’t the first time that such conspiracy theories have gone viral.  Over the years, there has been speculation that Trump hires a body double for his wife when she doesn’t want to accompany him on campaign trips.

In 2018 also, similar rumours had gained ground after pictures of the First Lady convinced many that her body double exited Air Force One. The theory again resurfaced when a photo of Donald Trump and Melania attending a memorial for tornado victims in Alabama went viral.

However, President Trump had slammed the rumours as ‘fake news’ and accused journalists of doctoring photos of his wife. In the past, Hillary Clinton and Russian President Vladimir Putin have also been accused of hiring body-doubles.

Meanwhile, the US presidential elections are scheduled to take place on November 3.